Peli 0910 SD card case

SD cards are tough little things, but there is nothing more frustrating than discovering that a card has become corrupted and ones precious photos from a trip or holiday are lost. There are fancy ways of getting this data back, but these are by no means foolproof and therefore I set about finding a case to keep my cards safe and sound. My upcoming trip to Africa spurred me on to find one that would handle some extended rough handling and the inevitable dirt, dust and liquid that an extended trip across a continent would entail.

My research brought me to the Peli (or Pelican) 0910 SD case. It houses 8 SD cards (or 16 micro SD cards) and is water-resistant, dustproof and to a great degree drop proof. The newer Peli 0915 seems very similar but I didn’t need one with such a large capacity so went for the 0910.


At £25.95, it seems expensive when a quick look on Amazon will bring up cases for the £7/£8 price mark, but given the importance of the precious cargo it carries I thought it seemed worthwhile. It was available from a number of sources in the UK but I chose to purchase from Heinnie Haynes due to their excellent service and reputation, and true to form it arrived swiftly and in perfect shape. It is available on Ebay for a slightly lower price, but those I’ve looked at visibly vary from the model they claim to be in the description (States 0910 but shows 0915) so i chose to avoid.

It is made out of a polycarbonate resin and seems very tough (almost overkill?!) It has a solid and satisfying clasp to keep it closed as well as an interchangeable insert to allow storage of a mix of different types of memory card if required. Its big when you think of the size of 8 SD cards, but it slips happily into a rucksack or camera bag without any problems and at only around 124g it’s not exactly heavy. It measures 12cm x 8cm x 2.5cm (at its thickest point).


My initial thoughts are very positive, it seems perfect for what I want. If keeping your cards or more importantly the data on them safe, then this seems like the perfect product. I have taken it on holiday twice, and it has been stuffed in my camera bag and others on many other occasions with no threat to the contents so far. The outside does mark and the because the inserts are made of a soft touch material they do attract fluff, but these hardly detract from an otherwise excellent product. The real test however is yet to come: 6 months on the road in Africa!

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