Mora Knives

I was looking to find a couple of affordable but durable knives to perform any tasks that may be required on my upcoming Africa trip. Jobs ranging from food preparation to wood splitting and everything in between. My plan is to carry my trusty Victorinox penknife with me most of the time, but with the vehicle to take the extra weight, having a couple of extra blades seemed like a sensible move.

The internet is awash with reviews of many different bushcraft, outdoorsy and frankly scary knives, but the ones that seemed to fit my bill were those by Mora of Sweden (Big thanks to those dedicated individuals who post video reviews on YouTube of knives of all shapes and sizes; it seems like a great fun community!).


Having perused the internet in my obsessive style I chose two knives from Mora: The Companion MG and the HighQ Robust. Both made of carbon steel (to resist rusting etc) with rubber handles. The Companion weighing in at 110g with a blade thickness of 2mm and the HighQ Robust weighing in at 138g with a blade thickness of 3.2mm. Both have 10.4cm blades. Why two, well it made sense to have a thinner blade for the finer jobs like food preparation, and another for the tougher jobs like wood batoning. Its also worth mentioning that combined with a fire steel both knives can be used to light fires, which although not a primary concern is a useful extra.


It will be interesting to see how they survive the rigours of Africa, when their relative affordability might raise questions, but if the raft of positive reviews and comments is anything to go by they will be fantastically useful.

They are available from many sources in the UK, but I purchased them from the great guys at Heinnie Haynes. They cost £11.95 and £10.95 respectively. Not to state the obvious, but they are very sharp and dangerous so please be careful when using them!

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